father holding baby boy as mom kisses the boy on the cheek

Foxrun Regional Park, Colorado Springs – Lifestyle Photography

The Duame Family just moved home to Florida. They were out in Colorado for the past year or so for work. They also had their first baby boy Jackson here. Not only is this family extremely good looking, they have hearts of gold. They are always up for doing something, and will make sure to include everyone around them. Kelly and Phillip made the most of their time out west. They traveled around the state, camped, and made an awesome community of people to do life with. Kelly contacted me to do a session before they left, and I am so glad they wanted to commemorate their time in the Rockies with family photos to include the Colorado landscape. We were down to the wire with timing, but luckily a teething babe and stormy skies didn’t stop this session from happening. Sunday was the last evening they had in town before they left, and it was truly a gift from above – there was a rain storm all afternoon, and it literally stopped for the 40 minutes we were at Foxrun to take pictures. As soon as we started heading back to the car it started raining and didn’t stop for the rest of the evening. Colorado will miss the Duame’s, but what an amazing gift to raise their family around their family back in Florida.