Meet Taryn Kimberly

That camera in your pocket can only document so much. Some moments are meant to be fully experienced; like the birth of your child, adoption day, a military homecoming, or even the harder times like the death of a loved one. As a family photographer in Colorado Springs, my job is to enable you to be present in these moments that define your family story, while receiving precious, permanent memories that you will always remember.

Your story is meaningful: The beautiful, the messy, and everything in between.

taryn kimberly

I am a moment chaser and I seek out details to tell your story. I like to keep things fun and natural. I’m not one to make you hold pose after pose. Instead I want you to be your authentic self – giggling, dancing, cuddling – whatever it may be I am there to document you being you. After all, those are the images that will resonate years from now, and my goal is to create photographs you will treasure for a lifetime.

My greatest passion as a professional photographer is to create experiences for the families I am honored to serve. I want nothing more than to allow you to make memories during a lifestyle photography session, while receiving quality photos and printing options that will last a lifetime. I want you to be able to focus on bonding with your children, adoring your spouse, and further threading the ties that define the love shared between your family. With me as your family photographer, we will document the little moments, the defining milestones, and every candid, precious moment in between to forever preserve your family’s story.

This means I walk you through the entire photographic process including planning your photo session with you, capturing beautiful images, and ensuring you have these photographs designed and displayed in ways you absolutely love.

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family photography blog

As a family photographer in Colorado Springs, it is a privilege to be a part of so many incredible stories. From adoption finalization day celebrations, to family lifestyle photo sessions, I am honored to preserve what family feels like across the Pikes Peak region. Take a deeper look into the beautiful stories of these families, and experience what authentic love and belonging feels like.

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adoption photography resources

Adoption is a process designed to bring people together, but the process can feel so overwhelming that it feels isolating. As a specialist in adoption photography, and as an adoptee myself, it is my privilege to provide my resources and perspective to adoptive families throughout Colorado Springs. My goal is to provide adoption resources so that families can focus on the overflowing rewards associated with adopting a waiting child. 

By connecting with gracious adoption partners, creating intentional adoption profiles, and learning more about adoption in Colorado Springs, my goal is to provide you with an adoption ally.