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After months of preparation and hours of labor, the first cry you hear and the first instant you see your newborn is incredible: the connection is instantaneous. From this moment on, there will be so many memories that you want to hold onto forever. Those first weeks are full of bonding for you, your spouse and the baby, with the excitement of bringing your baby home. As a professional newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, I know the beautiful beginning of parenthood can be a whirlwind, so it is my honor to preserve those precious details that you will never want to forget. I am here to document those fleeting moments from birth to the first weeks at home, capturing those precious details of your sweet child. No matter how many years pass, you will be able to remember the moment your family began, while your child can look back knowing how much they were cherished.

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“Firsts” are limited, so the ability to preserve those moments is truly priceless. At Taryn Kimberly Photography, I want you to enjoy parenthood in the moment, while being able to forever remember this irreplaceable times.  The permanence of newborn storybooks, canvas, and prints provides the opportunity to share those moments with your child as they get older, and with the future generations to come.

Newborn Photographer in Colorado Springs

With each chapter of your story comes new challenges, but even more happiness. Welcoming your newborn to your life and to this world is a moment to be cherished forever. As a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, it is my goal to narrate your child’s first moments in this world through authentic photography.

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As a newborn photographer in El Paso County, I have the honor of preserving the first precious moments of bonding between parents, siblings, and newborns. Whether it’s the initial meeting in the hospital, or the first few weeks the baby is home, each story is unique. However, the one common thread that I love to witness is the sense of belonging as each family begins this new journey together.