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As busy families, we live each day according to the routine we’ve established, each day threading together in the same series of actions: getting your child ready for school in the morning to tucking them in at night.  These little moments that make up your every day lives may seem mundane, but to your child, these memories are what they thrive off of. Every story-time with grandma and grandpa, every Sunday spent baking cookies with siblings, every trip to the park, each moment attached to a feeling of what it means to belong to a loving family. As a lifestyle photographer in Colorado Springs, those “normal” moments that you spend with each other are some of the most treasured memories, and I’m honored to capture them for you. Colorado lifestyle photography allows those fleeting moments to be preserved, so your family can have it’s own time capsule, where, in those moments, time stopped for just an instant, allowing you to reminisce for years to come.

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Each laugh, hug, and smile is so special. I make it a priority to preserve those moments with storybooks and canvas, so every time you look at the photo, you are taken back in time, remembering that indescribable feeling of connection you shared with your family.

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Time passes so quickly, so many are torn between living in the moment and ensuring they can remember that moment down the line. At Taryn Kimberly Photography, my desire is to relieve you of the pressure to record every detail so you can focus on being present with your family.

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As a lifestyle photographer in Colorado Springs, I ensure those “normal” moments don’t go unnoticed and unappreciated. There is something special about routine and the comfort that can be fostered with your family. These stories preserve the extraordinary in the ordinary and all the smiles in between.