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Whether your family is expanding or you are welcoming your first, this is a defining chapter in the story of your family. The anticipation of bringing a new child into the world is a feeling like no other. All of the gentle belly kisses, nesting with your spouse, and preparing for the bright future ahead make time feel as if it has slowed down. Those calm and tender moments should be cherished. There is no better way to preserve those feelings than with maternity photography. Whether it is getting photos at a spot that is special to you and your spouse or gathering the family in the living room to smile big while huddled on the couch, as a maternity photographer in Colorado Springs, I am here to preserve it all. Not only will you be able to look back at your maternity photos and remember those feelings of joy, but can also sit down with your child and show them how excited you were to welcome them into your lives. No matter how many years pass, your child will be able to look back at your maternity photos and know that they were wanted, chosen, and loved. 

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In this chapter of your life, love continues to grow. You and your spouse have shared so much with each other and you are eager to pass that feeling of love and belonging to your child. By chronicling a new life into a maternity storybook, canvas, or print, you and your family will be able to transport back to the delight and pride that you emanated as you prepared to welcome a new member into the family.  

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Your story is filled with change and new adventures around every corner. From the moment you discover your pregnancy, to the last few weeks of anticipation are incredibly special and are unlike any other experience you will have in your life.  A family’s identity is created through the unique moments that bring everyone a shared sense of hope and belonging, and maternity photography can provide just that. At Taryn Kimberly Photography, my desire is to help you document the journey so you can remember the joy of this next chapter in your life.

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As a maternity photographer in the Pikes Peak region, I have the privilege of connecting with many wonderful families awaiting their bundle of joy. The hope and purity surrounding the development of a new life is a feeling like no other. With the mixture of excitement and tranquility, these stories will be remembered for a lifetime.