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As a mother, I understand that every day is different than one before, but they’re all strung together with a bit of chaos and surprise. The little moments in between all of the noise, your child making a silly face or noticing their reflection for the first time, these are the moments that you’ll cherish forever. These special moments are what makes your family one-of-a-kind. As a family lifestyle photographer in Colorado Springs, I’m able to capture these authentic moments so that you and your family can cherish the memories. I always say that photography is a wonderful gift. A laugh, a hug, a smile, a silly expression, all frozen in time. Emotions encompassed in a single photograph that somehow tells an entire story.

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Each laugh, hug, and smile is unique and deserves to be remembered. I capture these special moments so that you can be present with your bundle of joy, and not worry about missing out on taking photos for an album. With storybooks and canvases, you have the ability to transport back to a magical time and reminisce.

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Whether you’re a first-time mom or have enough kiddos to form a soccer team, it’s always difficult to balance being present and ensuring that you’re capturing every special moment. When you work with Taryn Kimberly Photography, you can expect to form a genuine relationship that results in alleviating the pressure of recording all of the details. Let me handle capturing the moments while you enjoy your beautiful family.

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As a lifestyle photographer in Colorado Springs, I ensure that “normal” moments don’t go unnoticed. I’m blessed to have worked with so many amazing families who allowed me to capture their most intimate moments. While you wait for your photography session, feel free to browse through my past work.