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Whether a new mom or a seasoned veteran, nothing is more beautiful than capturing every moment of love between you and your children. My goal as a family photographer in Colorado Springs is to document motherhood’s sweet, intimate, loving moments so you can be fully present with your babies instead of behind a camera yourself. Here are my motherhood photography resources you should know as you prepare for your motherhood photography session!

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As a mom, you spend so much time worrying about everyone else. Are the kids playing safely? Do I have everything for dinner for the family? What does my boss need at work? As a mother, I know how hard it is to feel present with your children when there are a million things on your plate. 

Then, one day, you wake up, years have passed, and you wish you could have spent a little more time enjoying the past stages of motherhood. At Taryn Kimberly Photography, I capture the real moments of motherhood so you can remember those beautiful moments spent with your children. Read my blogs below to see what to expect from my motherhood photography sessions!

tell your family's story with motherhood photography

One of my joys of photographing your family is finding candid moments to show the love you share for your children. What I find so beautiful about motherhood are the small, in-the-detail moments where love for your family lies. My work centers around lifestyle moments, which means no staged posing. 

Instead, I want you to act like the family you are — smiling at one another, being goofy, telling jokes, playing games, making Sunday brunch — and all I get to do is document the special moments in between for you to cherish forever. Discover my motherhood photography portfolio with some of my past work.

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As a family photographer in Colorado Springs, I love connecting with families and being able to share their beautiful stories. I believe in cherishing the small, authentic moments that make up your family. Whether you want to document your family authentically on a hike in the mountains or showcase the loving, tender moments in your kitchen, I can tell your family’s story. Request a free consultation, and let’s chat about what you would like your motherhood photos to look like!